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D-Flawless Diamonds believes that savvy consumers are ready for a unique company like ours; we were formed with such people in mind. Together with more than twenty years in the diamond market place, we offer our clients an innovative approach to custom made diamond jewellery. Our commitment is not to sell a piece of jewellery, but to help you during a special time. We take pride in this, and in knowing we've helped create a timeless piece of jewellery that a couple can cherish for years to come.  

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How much money should I spend when purchasing a diamond?
1. There is no set amount that should be spent when purchasing a diamond. There is a common misconception that 2 months salary is appropriate. You should spend only what you feel comfortable with.
How do I know if I am getting a good quality diamond?
2. The best way to determine the quality of diamond you are purchasing is to try to educate yourself as much as possible prior to making a purchase decision. This can be accomplished by use of the internet, or by visiting with an Accredited Jewellery Professional.
Should I buy a solitaire or a multistone?
3. A solitaire design is very classic, and will always retain its elegance. A solitaire is often times more economically feasible, as it allows you to put almost all of your financial resources into one diamond, instead of spreading it over several diamonds.
Should I only purchase a
4. Buying a certified diamond is certainly an advantage as you will be able to see all the specifics of the diamond to help in your decision making. A certificate will detail the cut, colour, clarity, carat, polish, symmetry etc.
What is the advantage in buying a diamond from a Broker
5. When diamond retailers purchase diamonds, they will typically deal with a few suppliers. In doing so, the retailer may not always have the same selection as a broker. At D-Flawless Diamonds, we deal with approximately 1000 suppliers worldwide, with access to 250,000 diamonds at any given time.
Which diamond shape gives you the most brilliance?
6. Although all faceted diamond shapes will provide you with the brilliance we all like, a round brilliant will offer the greatest sparkle. This is due to the fact that the shape is symmetrical, and regardless of which side the light enters, it will bounce off the opposite side and glimmer.

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