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Bobs Driving School
(905) 791-7777
72 Fiddleneck Crescent Brampton, ON

Payment: VISA, Cash
Business Type: Specialized Schools & Services
Region: Peel
Municipality: Brampton

Started by two professionals Bob's Driving School represents a combined experience of over number of years in training responsible and safe drivers of tomorrow. Bob's Driving School has grown rapidly from a one-man operation to a multi faceted multi location enterprise that is growing rapidly to serve communities in South Western Ontario. Headquartered in Brampton, Ontario, Bob's Driving School is one of the fastest growing and professionally managed driving institutes in your community. Our mission at Bob's Driving School is to provide a civic service to community's nation-wide by training responsible and safe drivers of tomorrow. In our pursuit of excellence, we will continuously endeavor to raise our high level of professionalism and service with our selfless.  

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Lesson 1
Short Driving demonstration of proper techniques & S.M.O.G. Steering hand over hand, braking and accelerating. Learning turns- Left and Right. Learning when to steer, brake and look.
Lesson 2
Review and practice of lesson 1 3-point turn and hill parkings. Right of way, when given at all way stops. M.E.L.T.
Lesson 3
Review and practice of lesson 2. Use of mirror, signals and blind spots while changing lanes and passing. Turning left at the controlled intersections oith oncoming traffic and I.P.D.E.
Lesson 4
Review and practice of lesson 3. Backing corners and stopping int he traffic lights. Parallel parking (techniques and process) SMITH SYSTEM
Lesson 5
Review and practice of lesson 4. Improve turns at lights. Practice and improve parallel parking. One way street. Driving through heavy traffic made easy, the UD way.
Lesson 6
Review and practice of lesson 5. Introduction to Freeway and Highway driving. Entrance, passing and exit. Head on collision avoidance.
Lesson 7
Review and practice of lesson 6. Review more backing. Economy driving. Driving at night. Stall Parking (front and back)
Lesson 8
Review and practice of lesson 7. Driving through downtown traffic. Independent Drive and Route Plan Parallel and stall parking. 3-point turn and Hill Parkings.
Lesson 9
Review and practice of lesson 8. Head on collision avoidance (Commentary) Defensive Driving Techniques. Review (all driving maneuvers)
Lesson 10
Review all the lessons. Review all the parking. Final preparation for the road test. Evaluation
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